Migrant Kitchen NYC

At a New York relief kitchen, urgency meets empathy as immigrants create thousands of meals a day

In the Washington Post:

As much attention as beleaguered restaurants have gotten in the pandemic’s lockdown, far less attention has been paid to catering companies, which can produce food on a massive scale but not within the limits of a la carte orders available through delivery apps. Enter Migrant Kitchen. They pay wages of $20 to $25 an hour in their kitchen, Jaber said, and with the four other kitchens pooled 40 largely undocumented workers from Make The Road, a civil rights group — plus workers and volunteers who handle packing and delivery. Migrant Kitchen’s GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $100,000 so far. And, Dorado said, celebrity chef José Andrés’s World Central Kitchen also agreed to pay Migrant Kitchen $7 per meal (less than the $10 average it pays restaurants) for up to 1,200 meals a day, increasing its reach greatly: What started out on March 13 with 100 meals to hospitals and shelters quickly grew to 6,000 meals a day to 13 hospitals, four food pantries, three homeless shelters, three senior centers, public housing complexes in the Bronx and Queens, a Queens mosque and dozens of covid-19-infected families.