Can I make it here?

The team at Start Garden in Michigan has thoughts about entrepreneurial ecosystems…

What do we mean when we say “ecosystem?”

The word “ecosystem” is thrown around a lot these days. It acknowledges that certain problems are not solved from a top-down approach, that no one organization or program is a silver bullet. When it comes to entrepreneurship, we say “ecosystem” to acknowledge new businesses are often birthed from a complex and unpredictable web of relationships.

Ecosystems are messy. They morph and change. The needs of two years ago are not the needs of today, and we can bet the needs two years from now will be different. However, when you zoom out and look at a city—or region—through an entrepreneur’s point of view, that ecosystem has to answer one question…

“Can I make it here?”

Start Garden exists to look at our region as a whole and continually work on the gaps and barriers to getting new businesses started.

It’s not about launching a one-size-fits-all solution, focusing on one silo or one type of entrepreneur. It’s an immersion into a continually shifting landscape to align physical, social, financial and intellectual infrastructure around the needs of people launching businesses.