Why universities for the elderly are booming in China

via The Economist:

China has the world’s fastest-ageing population. The one-child-per-couple policy—which was in place from 1979 to 2016—contributed to the demographic imbalance. It resulted in the “4-2-1 phenomenon”, which sees one child trying to look after two parents and four grandparents. 

The government aims to have one elderly university in every county by 2020. After all, educating seniors makes practical sense: it helps to improve memory and to fight loneliness, which damages health and drives up suicide rates.

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Reclaiming the man

CCDA member Jerry Blassingame, executive director of Soteria CDC in Greenville, South Carolina, spoke at TEDx Greenville this past April:

Soteria CDC is a ministry focused on “economic and social justice for those and their families impacted by the criminal justice system.” They work to “create opportunities for previously incarcerated men to reenter society through transitional housing, life skills, and job training.”

Blassingame wrote an article in May at a Christianity Today site on “Ministry with and to the Incarcerated.”