Supaman’s prayer loop song interviewed Christian Parrish Takes The Gun, a.k.a. Supaman, in April 2018.

SMITHSONIAN: Where do you get your inspiration?

SUPAMAN: I get a lot of inspiration from my prayer life. Having a foundation of spirituality always keeps me motivated to create music that will have a positive impact on the listener. Traveling around I get to see a lot of different people, a lot of hurting people. They inspire me to want to make a difference in this world with the capacity I have as an artist.

NYT article on Native American students in public education

“I’m just there,” Ms. Fourstar said. “I feel invisible.”

Her despondency is shared by other Native students at Wolf Point and across the United States. Often ignored in the national conversation about the public school achievement gap, these students post some of the worst academic outcomes of any demographic group, which has been exacerbated by decades of discrimination, according to federal reports.

LINK to “Native students languish in public schools”